the ha moon takes

by poppy patica

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recorded on a tascam dp-008ex digital 8 track recorder between july and october of 2014

side A is a collection of original songs written either by me, a friend, or both!

side B is a series of instrumental songs and improvised jams i either performed on or witnessed

All proceeds from purchasing this album will be donated to Empower DC, an organization that fights for affordable housing and community resources in DC, in order to help fund their actions surrounding the site of the former Crummel School in Ivy City. The site is scheduled to be turned into a bus depot, despite the fact that the surrounding community has consistently advocated for the site to be turned into a community center with job training facilities. If you can contribute to this cause by purchasing the album, thank you. If you can't contribute right now, thanks so much for listening anyways! Here's more info about Empower DC:

A big thank you to everyone that played on these recordings. I am grateful to have shared music and moments with you.

Album cover by Laura Hartmann


released January 21, 2015

track 1: Rachel Ishikawa - guitar and vox
track 2: Peter Hartmann - guitar and vox
track 3: Peter Hartmann - guitar, vox, and dutch clogs
track 4: Adam Hirsch - guitar and vox
track 5: Cecilia Mass - vox and guitar, Maxence Klein - vox
track 6: Hadas Binyamini - vox, Peter Hartmann - guitar and vox
track 7: Itziar Rojas - piano, Peter Hartmann - guitar
track 8: Bruno Caneo - guitar
track 9: Moti - guitar, Peter Hartmann - guitar
track 10: Teun Doekes, H.A. van Hees, Hellash, Frank Vis & Stephen Doyle



all rights reserved


poppy patica Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: last train
i take the last train home
and it swallows me whole
though i know it's not the last train home

we make the last good plans
and we end with a dance
though we know it's not the last good plans
Track Name: favorite version
why do i sit here like a knowitall
why do i have to make you feel wrong
hope i don't die before i get myself alone
something inside of me's eating it's way out

i try to play nice
hope i don't burn the rice

i freaked out when i heard that replacement's song
can't hardly wait to see if you threw it on
you like the record version with the horn parts
it's so poppy what's that song
want you to hear my favorite version
i like the demo with the fast guitars

i'm in love
with that song
it's just a song
Track Name: cecilia maas and maxence klein - a l'unison
lyrics originally in French written by Maxence Klein
English translation:

tomorrow will be today as yesterday
if the sun rises again on berlin
will you come to the library with us
a theater where books sing in unison

yesterday will be today as tomorrow
if the sun rises again on berlin
we'll go to see the abandoned tower
where the west used to listen to the east
in unison

if only the spying soldiers had been discharged for freedom
had been replaced by little creatures
militants of happiness, of pleasure, and of calm
thus history could have been reoriented, enchanted, and redeemed

it would be for everyone
a place more livable

tomorrow will be today as yesterday
if the sun rises again on berlin
will you come to the library with us
a theater where books sing in unison
Track Name: poppy patica and hadas - sulfer sleeping
you always seem so sad to see the sun sideways
as we sink you say you're sorry
you ask them how and why they try and get their cash on
tiny tanks i fell completely

saw her sleeping
i can see you running out of fuel
sulfur seeping i can see you running out for you

take your protein pills and put your purple pants on
i can see you moving highways
they all walked out and left the bathroom door half open
i know that smell i fell completely again

swim through sugar
you might have to fuck some truth in too
through the shower
reverb in the outfield growling